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On Murano Island, adjacent to Venice in Italy, a master glass-smith produces a figure from molten glass, right before your eyes. Enjoy! There are only around 25 such artists in the world, only a few at this level of skill. The Murano artists apprentice starting at the age of 9 years, taking over 20 years to achieve the level of master. The artist in this video is nicknamed the Maestro by his peers. The molten glass is so hot, it glows orange. All work is done by hand, using hand tools, quick actions, and incredible skill. Watch and be amazed! I was, and still am. Filmed on November 29, 2014. The music is Rolling Hills from the album Meandering - Soothing Soundscapes.

Master Glass Craftsman

In Her EyesMaster Glass CraftsmanRolling Hills